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SKU: TRI00001

Tripods carved from one piece of wood into three separate but interconnected pieces.

These tripods come from India. We having been trying to find an Indigenous source for tripods for years without success. Price has never been the issue. We would gladly support an Indigenous business in this way by paying a fair Canadian price, but most wood carvers do not want to carve the same thing over and over. Thus the manufacture of this item has gone the way of so many others (beads, jewellery findings, cups, etc.)

Fortunately, India has greatly modified their Child and Adolescent Labour Laws in 2017. All child labour is now considered to be illegal, unless the child is working for his or her family's business and, even then, work must not interfere with school, and they are not allowed to be made to work between 7 pm and 8 am.

We do our best to be transparent and investigate all our suppliers to ensure that they meet our standards for business practices.