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Bear grease has been used by Indigenous People for thousands of years in a variety of ways. Drum makers use Bear grease to feed and moisturize the hide of the drum to keep it supple. Similarly, Bear Grease has also been traditionally used to treat skin ailments (rashes, sun burns, etc.), as well as ligament problems, (arthritis, tendonitis, sprains etc.) and as a hair conditioner/treatment to strength and repair damaged and thinning hair. 

Take a small dab and rub it on as needed. Use sparingly. It goes a long way.  


Our Bear Grease is 100% pure and very high quality. It is cleanly rendered in such a way as to eliminate almost all impurities as well as smoky, greasy smells that could result from rendering fat over an open fire. It contains no preservatives or any other additives and must be stored in a fridge or freezer. 

Our Bear Grease is collected from Bears that have been hunted and traditionally respected from start to end by Indigenous hunters whose business it is to manage the Bear populations. 

Our C.E.O. Karen recalls a lesson she was given many years ago by some Bear hunters. They explained that an elder Bear tends to govern a large territory. They usually get to that age because they are smart and have kept to themselves, away from humans. But the problems begin when someone decides to shoot the large elder Bear because then four or five younger, and much less wise, Bears will come along to claim its territory. That territory may have fed one larger Bear, but may not be  sustainable for four or five younger Bears. Those younger Bears are usually the ones that end up causing all the trouble in areas close to human populations. When left to their own devices, elder Bears will control their own territories and keep the Bear population down. But human interference has caused that balance to slip out of control in many places. Bears have too often been caught wandering right into town, and there are some areas that have had all their campgrounds closed for entire seasons because of Bears. Our Indigenous hunters tell us that wise Bear management starts with getting to know the Bears in their territory and doing their best to help train them to stay away from humans. If that is not possible, then they step in. But always, with every step along the path, the hunters do their best to respect and honour the Spirit of the Bear.

WARNING: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For educational purposes only.

Other Notes: We are not entirely sure how long Bear grease actually lasts. Some say it will last a year or more in the fridge, and several weeks or more if left out of the fridge. As for the freezer, we have a first-hand account that it can last at least 18 years in there. One of Karen's herbal teachers passed away in 2019. Two years later, her husband contacted Karen because he had finally reached the bottom of their big freezer and had discovered several mason jars filled with rendered Bear fat with date labels of 2001 on them. He gave them to Karen and she in turn donated them to some traditional Algonquin Elders for their sweat lodge ceremonies. They were thrilled to receive it and, after using it for several months she checked in on them again and they said it was just fine. So there you go - Bear grease, when stored properly, has a very long shelf life! 

The easiest way to tell if it's starting to go off is by the smell. Depending on the way it was rendered, fresh Bear fat may already have a slightly smoky, fried smell to almost no scent at all. We use very fresh (or fresh to freezer to pot) fat and render it in a slow cooker on very low for many hours to avoid that fried smell, and we double filter it to remove any bits and pieces of grissel or flesh. We've had several compliments that ours is among the highest quality Bear fat available.