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NOTICE ABOUT CHANGE IN PRODUCT PACKAGING: We are now using biodegradable cellulose shrink bands to seal this product, which may have a smell to them due to the solution they are stored in. This is completely normal and does not affect the Bear Grease inside the jar.

Bear grease has been used by Indigenous People for thousands of years in a variety of ways. Drum makers rub a dab of Bear grease to feed and moisturize the hide of the drum to keep it supple. Similarly, Bear Grease has also been traditionally used to treat skin ailments (rashes, sun burns, etc.), as well as ligament problems, (arthritis, tendonitis, sprains etc.) and as a hair conditioner/treatment to strength and repair damaged and thinning hair. 


To extend the life of your Bear Grease, we recommend keeping it in a fridge or freezer when not in use. While there’s no definitive answer to how long Bear Grease lasts, it’s known to keep at room temperature for several weeks (or even months), for at least a year when refrigerated, and potentially indefinitely in the freezer. The best way to tell if your Bear Grease has gone bad is by the smell, as our product is nearly odorless when fresh.


Our Bear Grease is collected from Bears that have been hunted and traditionally respected from start to end by Indigenous hunters whose business it is to manage the Bear populations. We are honoured by and have huge respect for these suppliers.

Our Bear Grease is 100% pure and is very high quality. It is cleanly and carefully rendered in such a way as to eliminate almost all impurities while preventing any smoky or unpleasant smells caused by rendering too quickly at high heat. It contains no preservatives or any other additives, and is kept frozen until shipped to ensure you get the freshest product possible. 


Some folks have asked us why our Bear Grease is solid when they have purchased Bear Grease from other vendors that stayed liquid and was clear amber. The answer is that the Bear Grease that came from that other supplier was likely mixed with a plant oil, and we have science on our side to back that up. Liquid fats generally come from plant oils that are unsaturated fats. One exception of a liquid fat not coming from plants is fish oil. On the other hand, fats that are solid at room temperature generally come from animals and are saturated fats. Exceptions are coconut oil and avocado oil.

Our Bear Grease will arrive solid, like lard, and its colour will be pearly white. This is completely normal. When newly rendered and still warm, Bear Grease is a translucent light amber colour and has an oil-like consistency. As it cools, the fat solidifies and turns opaque and will stay that way if kept refrigerated or frozen. If left out at room temperature, the product will settle over time, eventually separating into a clear liquid at the top with more solidified fat at the bottom. Simply stir or shake the jar before using.

WARNING: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For educational purposes only.