Authenticated Indigenous company located in Almonte, Ontario, Canada, on unceded Algonquin Territory. Pickups are by Appointment only. Please call before coming 613-256-9229.

Harvesting Policies & Agreement Form

Notes About Harvesting:

First and most important, always ask permission from the plant and offer Semah (Tobacco). Thank them for their sacrifice and acknowledge their part in the healing. Tell them what their sacrifice is going to be used for (e.g. Johnny has a cold. Mary has arthritis). Always harvest the mature plants and leave the small plants so they can grow into maturity. Be cognizant of surrounding plants and offer prayer and thanks to them as well for the sacrifice of their relative. The plants surrounding the plant you harvest are their neighbors and relatives. Be respectful about where you are walking, what you are standing on. Take care to treat what you have harvested with great respect during storage and usage. Return leftovers to Mother Earth with love and gratitude.

For those who wish to harvest on behalf of Turtle Lodge Trading Post, download our Harvesting Policy & Agreement Form below: