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Pouches hand-stitched (genuine leather) 15x13 cm (6"x5") - 1 pouch


(Price is for one pouch) Métis handmade drawstring genuine leather pouches in four colours.  Aprox 5"x6" finished size.  Note, although the image appears dim, The white leather is actually brilliant toothpaste white. The black is solid black, not grey as it appears in the image. The shininess of the leather makes it appear gray in the photo. Tobacco pouches are used to contain the sacred medicine and are given as part of an offering to an Elder/Teacher. Tobacco, is one of our four sacred medicines. The offerings can be placed in a Tobacco pouch or "Tobacco tie." If the offering is generic, or for a particularly large offering, then a Tobacco pouch is both suitable and convenient because a pouch is re-closeable and can be reused again and again.

If you need more pouches than what is currently available online, please call us with your request at 613-256-9229.