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Gem - Bear - Clear Quartz (2"+ Medium)

SKU: GEM0006


The colors vary and, because they are hand-carved, the shapes will also vary slightly.

Many thousands of years ago, with great reverence for the guidance and protection of their Totems, Indigenous people of Turtle Island created a highly involved Totem clan system as an aid for tribal delegation and identification. This system facilitated commerce, marriage arrangements and much more.

When we feel a particular kinship with an animal or elemental being, we can say it is our Totem. Totems capture our imagination and aid in self discovery. They have been our greatest teachers since time immemorial. Each Totem has its own unique strengths and talents. By observation and sometimes mimicry of our Totems, we can gain wisdom from the natural world to help us develop our own talents, and even gain insights to create inventions that mimic the natural world.

Our Elders caution us to take these relationships very seriously and with regard for balance and reverence for the great Earth Mother in all ways. Remember, if you choose to focus on minute earthly details with the attention of Mouse, it is equally as important once in a while to give yourself the freedom to soar high above and view it from the perspective of Hawk, otherwise you may not grow to fully understand the energies that prey on and rely on Mouse energy for sustenance.