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Copper Mug - 16 oz (Hammered Style) (100% solid copper)



100% COPPER--No nickel, no stainless steel! These copper mugs are the real deal. 

Note that copper is a soft metal. There may be some slight imperfections.

Many ancient traditions recommend drinking water stored in a copper vessel to improve health. Copper is antimicrobial and studies have indeed found that leaving water in a copper vessel kills off bacteria. University of South Carolina researchers exploring the purifying power of copper also found that antimicrobial copper surfaces in intensive care units (ICU) kill 97% of bacteria that can cause hospital-acquired infections, resulting in a 40% reduction in the risk of acquiring an infection. The research found that the rooms with copper-surfaced objects had less than half the infection incidence than those rooms without copper. Storing water in your copper water bottle is a great way to make natural alkaline water which tastes fresh, clean, and pure! However, copper can react with acidic fluids, (anything with a pH of less than 7) so we recommend using only water in your copper cup. Copper plays an important role in overall health and also helps brain function, can partner with other enzymes to work as an antioxidant, encourages red blood cell production, and maintains collagen and elastin, aiding in bone health.

In general, most of us get plenty of copper from our diets so there is generally no need to self-supplement with copper. (Too much copper can also cause unpleasant side effects, such as nausea and diarrhea.)

TO CLEAN: We recommend you clean your cup with warm water and a drop of soap before using for the first time. Hand wash is preferred. Copper oxidizes naturally and needs to be cleaned at regular intervals. Sprinkle a pinch of salt on a slice of lemon, allow the salt to dissolve, and then gently rub in on the surface of your cup.

Product Specifications:

Our "Hammered" style Copper Mugs have a diameter of ~3.5" (~9cm) and a height of 4"(~10cm); they hold a volume of 16oz. These Copper Mugs are made from 100% solid copper and hand-hammered in India.

Sustainability & Ethics:

Our copper cups come from India. India is well known for its quality copper products. We having been trying to find an Indigenous source for for copper cups and bowls for years without success. Price has never been the issue. We would gladly support an Indigenous business in this way by paying a fair Canadian price, but there just isn't anyone anywhere on Turtle Island that is making these. Thus the manufacture of this item has gone the way of so many other things. It is ironic though since much of the world's copper comes from Canada.

Fortunately, India has also greatly modified their Child and Adolescent Labour Laws in 2017. All child labour is now considered to be illegal, unless the child is working for his or her family's business and, even then, work must not interfere with school, and they are no aloud to be made to work between 7pm and 8 am.

We do our best to be transparent and investigate all our suppliers to ensure that they meet our standards for business practices.