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Kumik Elder’s Lodge Schedule

Wabano Centre for Indigenous Health

Minwashin Lodge Indigenous Women's Support Centre

Odawa Native Friendship Centre

Pavillon Iskotew Lodge 613-957-3216 email:

Algonquin College Manidosewin Centre

Ojigkwanong Centre - Carleton University

University of Ottawa Indigenous Resource Centre

Ontario Federation of Indigenous Centres

Ontario Native Women's Associations





Métis people in Canada are a comparatively small and diverse group. Census reports indicate there are roughly half a million Métis People currently identified in Canada. That's less than 3% of the entire population. When you consider that the population of Canada was once all Indigenous people, you get a sense of how badly decimated the People and its culture have been, and continue to be, due to the colonization of Turtle Island and genocide of its People.

Discrimination against Indigenous People continues, sadly even by our own kind. Like the birth of a child, the calling of our blood should be celebrated and embraced, not desecrated and ignored. Our ancestors judged people by their merits, not their skin colour or blood quantum. To do otherwise is to continue to subscribe to the destructive force that steals the power and squashes the voice of Indigenous People.

The following list includes just a handful of the many Métis organizations in Canada, with no bias intended towards any one.

Métis Nation of Canada

Métis National Council

Métis Nation of Ontario