Feathers (Wild Turkey) Wrapped & Decorated (1 piece)


If you need more wrapped feathers than what is currently available online, please call us with your request at 613-256-9229.

Please note that detail colors may vary. 

Wild Turkey Feathers, wrapped in Deer hide & decorated with beads and a variety of pendants.

100% sourced in Canada

Turtle Lodge Trading Post's feathers are now sourced from farmers and hunters in CANADA only. We went that extra mile to ensure that our feathers come from people who treat the birds with as much kindness and respect as possible, unlike the horrible conditions suffered by many of those sourced from China and other countries. Our feathers have also been untouched by any toxic chemicals, as is often the case with feathers coming in from out of the country. Our feathers are treated with great respect, offered Semah (Tobacco) much gratitude, and are smudged and gently cleaned with a mild natural soap and Cedar water, then are stored with some ground White Sage to keep them protected in all ways. 

Feathers Meaning:

Feathers have great meaning for Indigenous People around the world. They are symbols of learning, strength, honour, wisdom, freedom, community and protection. Each part of a feather has deeper, layered meanings. To receive an Eagle feather is among the highest of honours. In ceremony, feathers help us to connect with the elements of Air and Spirit. We use them to apply the sacred smoke from our medicines, and to brush away negative energies. We wear them in our hair and on our regalia to honour the medicine of these tools and to protect us on our path.