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Liquid Smudge - White Sage 100% Pure Steam Distilled Hydrosol (2 oz)



No preservatives

Liquid smudges are a smokeless alternative to burning medicines when you are in situations, such as an office building where lighting a match or having smoke in the air is not permissible or otherwise desirable.

Our Pure White Sage Hydrosol is made specifically for TLTP using our very own  ethically cultivated White Sage. It is very high quality, has all the same properties of, and is literally as close as you can get to pure White Sage in liquid form. 

Herbal steam distillation is the process by which the medicinal qualities and healing energetics of herbs are extracted by forcing steam through a mass of plant material. The steam carries away chemical compounds present naturally in the plant, condenses and is collected in a separator, and in the resulting solution there are produced both a concentrated oil based extract of the plant (known as essential oil) and a water based part (known as hydrosol or hydrolate). The oil and water separate naturally during distillation and both contain aromatic chemical constituents of the plant distilled in concentrated and unique forms.

Smudging with traditional medicines contributes to one's mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being, removes negative energy, creates room for a positive shift, rebalances and empowers us.

To use this product, spray the mist in the air and walk through it, or spray the space or object, or pour a little in an essential oil diffuser.

CAUTION: do not directly inhale this product.

White Sage already contains many preservative qualities, so it will last a very long time. However, since this contains no other preservatives, we recommend that you keep it in a refrigeration to maintain peak quality.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS ITEM HAS THE POTENTIAL TO FREEZE AND BREAK IN TEMPERATURES BELOW ZERO. Canada Post refuses to accept any liability for breakage due to fragility or for temperature-sensitive items, therefor TLTP can no longer reimburse or replace any damaged bottles of this product due to freezing weather (November-March). If you still plan to order this product during these months, please be aware that this is a possibility. As a shipping alternative, we recommend choosing shipping via Canpar with full insurance, or picking your order up at our store (curbside only).