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Sweetgrass DRIED LOOSE (Hierochloe ordorata) - Grade "A"

SKU: SWE00050

2022 harvest (Hierochloe ordorata) 85-87 cm (average 34").

Note that a typical large braid weighs about 18 g each, so 50 g will give you the equivalent of about 2 thick or 3 thin extra long braids. Perfect for weaving, braiding, smudging, infusing or crafts, etc.

To braid or reshape to use in crafts, lightly mist the dry leaves, thoroughly pat dry with a paper towel and repeat until the leaves begins to soften and are just malleable enough to work with. (Don't over-saturate or denser areas of your Sweetgrass craft may become moldy.) Make sure you allow the finished piece to dry completely before storing it. A hair dryer on low, or a fan, or/and let it sit for a couple of days until you are sure it is completely dry again. It should be dry and slightly crispy to the touch.