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Sweetgrass DRIED LOOSE (Hierochloe ordorata) - Grade "A"

SKU: SWE00050

2022 harvest (Hierochloe ordorata) 85-87 cm (average 34").

Note that a typical large braid weighs about 18 g each, so 50 g will give you the equivalent of about 2 thick or 3 thin extra long braids. Perfect for weaving, braiding, smudging, infusing or crafts, etc.

To braid or reshape to use in crafts, lightly mist the dry leaves, thoroughly pat dry with a paper towel and repeat until the leaves begins to soften and are just malleable enough to work with. (Don't over-saturate or denser areas of your Sweetgrass craft may become moldy.) Make sure you allow the finished piece to dry completely before storing it. A hair dryer on low, or a fan, or/and let it sit for a couple of days until you are sure it is completely dry again. It should be dry and slightly crispy to the touch.

Sweetgrass is a healing herb that has a prominent place in daily ritual and is considered to be one of the primary sacred medicines of the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island. Sweetgrass is the great COMMUNICATOR. It helps us to speak our truths in a good way, both to others AND to ourselves. Said to be “the hair/antenna of Mother Earth”, Sweetgrass is used in prayer, smudging and purifying ceremonies as a harmonizer and to attract positive energies. A single Sweetgrass strand is weak and can easily be broken on its own. But when many Sweetgrass strands are woven together they become very strong and almost unbreakable. The same can be said about community. We are weak when we are alone, and so much stronger together! 

Caution: The active ingredient in Sweetgrass that makes it smell so wholesomely wonderful is coumarin. Coumarin is a strong anti-coagulant and potentially carcinogenic. Internal use of this medicine is not recommended by Health Canada.

Sweetgrass (Braided and Loose) has been declared subject to sales tax per CRA ruling because Health Canada deems this as non-consumable. (Braids are also considered "manufactured")