Soap - Punch Up Ocean Blue

SKU: SOA0006

Eleven Bees' silky, moisturizing all-natural personal care products combine the goodness of Canadian Beeswax, plant based oils and pure Essential Oils - all the best nature has to offer.

Punch Up Ocean Blue is a musky, unisex blend which contains all the natural goodness of pure Canadian beeswax, with plant and essential oils. This beauty is one of our most popular decadent soaps.

Eleven Bees soaps contain no preservatives, surfactants or palm and because of this, it is recommended to slice your soap and use a little piece at a time. This not only makes it last much longer, but you can use the slices to freshen linen closets or dresser drawers until ready to use. Enjoy the squeaky clean softness of natural soap.

Your soap needs to air-dry between uses. Use a soap dish that elevates your soap for best results.