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Smudge Bowl Pillow

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SMUDGE BOWL PILLOW: (Shell not included) Give your smudge bowl a cozy hug while protecting your hands and the shell with this plush and practical little pillow. We came up with this design because carrying a hot shell is dangerous, and shells don't sit well on a tripod while being carried.

Our smudge bowl pillow is made with Indigenous themed cotton flannel and a braided Deer skin leather handle, and contain oats and lavender for that extra calming energy and soothing aromatic touch. Suitable for almost any size smudge bowl, from small to large. (The huge Abalone shell in the picture is almost 10" across, as an example.)

CAUTION!! The materials this items is made of are flammable. This product is not intended for use at extremely high temperatures for long, continuous use. Allow to fully cool between uses, or put the shell back on a TRIPOD when you are finished doing the round. It will do a great job of protecting your hands for the time it takes for a typical group ceremony, but the cotton and Oats will begin to burn if your shell is experiencing excessive heat for extended periods. We figured this out after hours of continuous use on the powwow grounds. We always keep a continuous smudge bowl going for dancers and any passersby who wish to smudge. So just keep an eye and a nose on the pillow. A backup pillow is also a good idea so you can switch them if it's getting too hot