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Book-Quest for the Thunderbird Nest-Returning to Algonquin Spirituality


Quest for the Thunderbird Nest – Returning to Algonquin Spirituality
by Tim Yearington 

Many Algonquin, part-Algonquin, Métis and mixed-blood people are discovering the good medicine of the thunderbirds accessed though “blood memory”. Within our blood memory remain the sacred teachings of our ancestors; the critical, life-sustaining spiritual ways we once lost due to “identity loss” at the hand and severe, intentional pressures of Christianity, colonialism and discrimination.  This enlightening book is a true story. It reveals the author’s highly inspirational personal journey of finding his Algonquin and Métis roots through the aid of ancestors – The Old Ones. Adopted as an infant, Tim grows up feeling lost and always pines for his suspected Indigenous identity. Yet upon his trail he realizes thunderbirds have come to help him find his way in life and also his role on Earth. In our modern, busy and technological times there’s a true need to return to the land. Here we can reconnect to our culture and discover the spiritual ways our ancestors left upon the trail for us to find. We are to pick up these teachings, learn them and then use this great wisdom to help us in our life. Quest for the Thunderbird Nest is a true testimony to the wondrous power of Algonquin Spirituality in helping us to heal and be happier, whole human beings.

Bio:  Tim Yearington grew up in North Bay, Mattawa and the Ottawa Valley which is all still Algonquin territory today. As an Algonquin-Metis descendant, he is an author, writer, artist, teacher, educator and guide. Tim has been working for many years as a traditional Algonquin knowledge keeper with schools, colleges, universities, companies and government agencies. An enlightening and empowering educator, Tim is a passionate public speaker and a stirring storyteller. For more information please visit:

Written and illustrated by Tim Yearington
Borealis Press (Ottawa) 2019
Softcover. 335 pages.