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Pouches (cotton broadcloth) 10x8 cm (4"x3") - Small


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Métis and First Nations crafted cotton drawstring pouches, available in solid colours as well as a variety of Indigenous-inspired patterns*. These "Small" sized pouches measure 4"x3" (8x10 cm) and feature a silk ribbon drawstring. 

*Note: Indigenous Pattern pouches come in a variety of patterns and are chosen at random. As the selection of patterns available is always changing, the patterns shown in the product photos may not reflect our current available patterns. If you're looking for a specific pattern, contact us either by email or phone to see what's available.

About Semah (Tobacco) Pouches:

Semah (Tobacco) pouches are used to contain the sacred medicine and are given as part of an offering to an Elder/Teacher. Semah is one of our four sacred medicines. The offerings can be placed in the pouch or a "Tobacco tie." If the offering is generic, or for a particularly large offering, then a Semah pouch is both suitable and convenient because a pouch is re-closeable and can be reused again and again. If the offering is part of a specific ceremony, sometimes Semah ties are required. A Semah tie is simply a pinch of Semah placed inside a square of broadcloth, usually tied off in a special way, and ends up kind of resembling a mini Halloween ghost. For example, traditional fasts often require participants to make a specific number of Semah ties. The number of Semah ties  may vary depending on the type of ceremony involved. Ties are strung together in such a way as to "loop but not create a knot" so as to allow the unencumbered flow of energy. Then they are hung in a way that is appropriate to the specific ceremony. The number, particular colour of broadcloth, and the style in which it is done and location hung generally depends on the Elder's teachings as well as the type and purpose of the ceremony.

Product Specifications:

Size: 4"x3" (8x10 cm) (finished size)
Pouch: 100% cotton
Drawstring: Double-faced satin ribbon (polyester)