Liquid Smudge - Sweetgrass (2 oz) *POTENTIAL TO FREEZE ALERT*


PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS ITEM HAS THE POTENTIAL TO FREEZE AND BREAK IN TEMPERATURES BELOW ZERO. If you are ordering this product during the winter, please be aware that this is a possibility. We will do everything we can to protect your items from this possibility but cannot guarantee them in these conditions.

Smudging with traditional medicines contributes to one's mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being, emoves negative energy, creates room for a positive shift, rebalances and empowers us. Sweetgrass  is one of the four sacred First Nations medicines and often used in smudges for it healing effect. Sweetgrass medicine is known to help to purify thoughts, the environment and to eliminate bad or negative thoughts. This medicine reminds human spirits that they are strong, resilient and built to survive.

How do you use the smudge? There is no one way. You can spray the mist in the air and walk through it, you can spray a space or object or you can diffuse in an essential oil diffuser. Smudging is a traditional way to balance one's mind-body-spirit well-being. Liquid Smudge is a smokeless, pure organic alternative to burning sage and other medicines. These locally naturally crafted liquid smudges work on the individual using them and helps to purify their space. Whether you or someone you know needs to shift the energy or just lighten the air, liquid smudge creates a clean and blessed atmosphere. Smudging can purify and shift energy of a house, workspace, objects as well as mindful actions and activities.

Ingredients: distilled water, witch hazel and steeped Sweetgrass.