Dakota Sage (Artemisia ludoviciana)

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Dakota Sage (Artemisia ludoviciana) (Aprox. 20-25" branches)
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Due to Covid-19 and other factors, availability of this beautiful Sage has dropped dramatically while its cost price has risen. We grew some ourselves this year, which helped a bit, and got a few pounds in from other suppliers, but the amount was a drop in the bucket compared to the demand. Unfortunately, the drop in supply is also going to have an impact on all of us on several levels, since this is a product we depend upon. The good news though is that we have have put some concrete plans in place for the future to help avoid this shortage from happening again. Meanwhile, if you happen to have a large supply of this beautiful Sage and are willing to share (trade/buy), we would be most grateful to hear from you. We have a huge backlog of customer requests for large amounts that we cannot fill. 


All our herbs come from certified organic sources or trusted wildcrafters. ENGLISH COMMON NAME:Standard: Dakota Sage Also known as; prairie sage, louisiana sage, white sagebrush, silver wormwood, western mugwort, gray sagewort, estafiate, silver king, silver queen LATIN NAME:Artemisia ludoviciana Plant Family: Asteraceae (daisy family) PART(S) USED:Leaves, stems OVERVIEW:Research continues to prove what Indigenous People have known for millennia about the benefits of smudging to purify the environment and set the space for healing. Dakota Sage has a long history of traditional use by Indigenous people as a medicine, a smudge, and is also worn in ceremonial rituals. Traditionally, it has been used as a treatment for menstrual and digestive issues, expelling worms and other parasites, as a remedy for colic, and topically as a treatment for inflammation and skin infections. In 2006, a scientific paper titled Medicinal Smokes was published containing research information from 50 countries in five continents regarding the ancient practice of using botanical smoke as a medicinal aid for lung, brain and skin function, as well as an air purifier. The research indicated that smoke from a variety of herbs is highly effective in reducing up to 94% of airborne bacteria for twenty-four hours, and in some cases much longer. A follow-up paper was published in 2007, in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, which also concluded that in addition to health benefits, smudging is a powerful antiseptic. Unlike chemical air purifiers that only mask the smells in the air, Sage is also 100% natural and less likely to cause allergic reactions for people with scent sensitivities. PREPARATIONS:Keep dry. Store in an airtight container in a dry cupboard away from light. Will keep for many years. Note that his product and the paper bag it comes in are highly flammable. Use with caution. PRECAUTIONS & CONTRAINDICATIONS: As with any herb or medicine that is lit, exercise caution when smoke is produced. If any symptoms occur (coughing or eye-watering, etc…) extinguish the product immediately and make sure the area is well-ventilated. We recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using any herbal products, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, have allergies, or are on any medications. Although most herbs are generally safe, it is recommended that you avoid self-prescribing especially when there is an underlying ongoing medical condition. This information is for educational purposes only, has not been evaluated by Health Canada, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.