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Cloth Masks 100% Quilting Cotton - KIDS


These beautifully handcrafted, child-sized masks are made of high-quality 100% quilting cotton (minimum 100 thread count). A variety of patterns allows for different themes to be used by individuals. 

These masks provide a barrier for potentially infectious droplets. There are 3 layers of protection, as recommended by health officials.  The 2 outside layers are 100% cotton and the inner layer is non-woven material that acts as a filter to maximize the protection. Long elastics are attached, so the user can adjust to their comfort.

These masks have been specially designed to be breathable, spacious and washable.

Currently, we have four types of masks in stock. These ones are our Kids Masks. We also carry adult-sized Standard Masks and Fancy Masks from the same indigenous supplier, which require precision sewing and slightly more material to better align the images. The third option from the same supplier, is Embroidered Masks - beautifully designed and stitched with bold colours. All products are made from the exact same materials.