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Broadcloth 100% cotton red HALF METRE with finished edges and a SILK RIBBON

Want a look that's slightly more traditional and nicely finished? Package wrap your Tobacco offering in a 100% cotton red cloth bandana with finished edges, and tie if off with a red silk ribbon. The cloth can also double as wearable a red bandana! 100% cotton (thinner than our high quality cotton broadcloth) red cloth with finished edge: 55x55 cm square Silk ribbon: 4 mm wide x 88 cm long Suitable for Tobacco package sizes 50 g, 100 g and 250 g. The image shows a wrapped 250 g Tobacco package. NOTE: If you plan to wear the cloth as a bandana, we recommed that you wash it first, on its own, or with other red clothes, just in case the dye runs.