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Black Tea - Tealee's Northern Blend (50g)


Tealee's Northern Blend Black Tea

Origin: Sri Lanka & India (Blended/packaged in Canada)

Antioxidant Level: High 

Caffeine Content: Medium

This blend of ceylon and assam tea has full bodied flavour with a smooth finish. This tea pairs very well with milk and sugar.

Ingredients: Ceylon Organic Black Tea, Assam TGFOP* Organic Black Tea

Why is this tea so special? We discovered some time ago that Tobacco offerings are not part of the Inuit culture, and therefor the question of what to gift an Inuit Elder has often come up. We did some research, contacted Inuit organizations, and also asked several Inuit Elders directly what the most appropriate gifts would be. On the top of the list was black tea, a commodity highly favoured by early Inuit traders and a taste still savoured to this day. Our northern relations have gifted us with so many wonderful medicines, such as Labrador Tea, Cloudberry, Crowberry, Juniper; to be able to offer them something they enjoy from other parts of the world is a gift in itself. Tealee's Northern Blend Organic Black tea was created for this exact purpose by TLTP founder Karen's cousin Lisa Banville, the founder of Tealee. She asked Lisa if she could develop an organic tea blend with the Inuit Elders and their specific type of favoured black tea in mind. Lisa did some research, careful chose and personally blended Ceylon Organic Black Tea and Assam TGFOP Organic Black Tea to create an especially delicious and smooth blend, a perfect gift for not only Inuit Elders, but anyone who loves tea!

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* TGFOP stands for Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe, a term used in black tea grading to describe high-quality black teas that use more buds( or "Golden Tips") than some lesser-quality teas. This grading is the most common for quality Assam teas.