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Birch Bark Basket 3" - Red Cariboo Tufted Flower with Green Quilled Leaves


Moose Hair Embroidered Birch Basket with red caribou-tufted flower & quilled green leaves design by Louise Vien. Basket measures 3"x3"x1.75" (7.6x7.6x4.5cm)

The Quebec tribes, Huron/Wyendot Mohawk and Maliseet are thought to have been the first to practice the traditional fine art of Moose hair embroidery. Acclaimed Metis artist Louise Vien carries on the traditions of her lineage with these intricate birch bark baskets that take countless hours to make. 


Louise Vien is a Métis (Ashinawbe, Cree, and Nakota) artist who specializes in multiple mediums, such as painting, beading, and textiles including finger-woven Ceinture Fleche (arrow sash). She has had many artistic recognitions, including an honorable mention for exceptional creativity by the NCC (National Capital Commission), and being commissioned to make sashes by both Queens University for their Métis graduates and the 2015 Pan Am games. Louise is also a published author, known for her Métis children's book "LA COLLECTION ROUBABBOU: Nonbr" which teaches Métis French.