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2021 Sweetgrass Braid (03) SMALL (Hierochloe ordorata) 43-56 cm (17-22")

SKU: SGB00008A

Grade A or Grade B Sweetgrass (Hierochloe ordorata) Braids. Our high quality braids are ethically sourced from communities in Saskatchewan and Alberta and are very high quality, averaging 43-56 cm (17-22").  

Sweetgrass is said to be “the hair/antenna of Mother Earth” used in prayer, smudging and purifying ceremonies as a harmonizer and to attract positive energies. Sweetgrass is the great COMMUNICATOR. It helps us to speak our truths in a good way, both to others AND to ourselves. A single Sweetgrass strand is weak and can easily be broken on its own. But when many Sweetgrass strands are woven together they become very strong and almost unbreakable. The same can be said about community. We are weak when we are alone, and so much stronger together!