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SMUDGE STICK - WHITE SAGE & LAVENDER LEAF 4-5" (10-11 cm) long by 1.25" (3-4 cm) thick


Smudge sticks are a handy way to use smudging medicines. Rolled and dried into a stick, the end is lit and used to clear away negative or stagnant energy in a person, place or thing. Bathing in the scent of sacred medicines can reduce stress and assist with feeling more centered and protected from the world. These smudge sticks are made with beautiful intention. 

As one of the Four Sacred Medicines, White Sage is one of the most common medicines used for smudging. These smudge sticks also contain Lavender, which has both a pleasant aroma and both calming and stress-relieving properties. These White Sage & Lavender smudge sticks are approximately 4-5" (10-11 cm) in length and 1-1.5" (3-4 cm) thick.

WARNING: Be careful when smudging, especially indoors. Be sure to have proper ventilation and something nearby to extinguish the embers, such as a shell or jar of sand. Use caution when smudging around pets and young children. When smudging with smudge sticks that include lavender, be sure to make sure no one around you or in the same building as you has an allergy to lavender.