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Smudge Bundles are an affordable, practical, and beautiful gift for Elders as well as those who are new to the path and starting to build their personal bundles. These Smudge Bundles are our "DELUXE Four Medicine" Smudge Bundles. For those interested in our other Smudge Bundle options, you can find them here.

About Smudge Bundles:

Our Smudge Bundles were created to provide a basic, all-in-one kit for ceremonial Smudging. Each component used in the Smudge is symbolic: Abalone shells are a gift from the sea and, thus symbolize the Water element during a smudging ceremony; the herb used in the Smudge represents Earth; the flame used to burn our Smudge represents Fire; the smoke produced when Smudging represents Air, carrying our prayers to the Spirit world. 

Product Specifications:

Each DELUXE Four Medicine Smudge Bundle includes an Abalone Shell, a wooden tripod, a Four Medicine Smudge Packet, a 100% Cotton Broadcloth Pouch, a TLTP matchbook, and a feather*. Each size of Smudge Bundle contains the following sizes of its components:

Smudge Bundle Shell Four Medicine Smudge Pouch Tripod
Extra Small 2-3" (~5-8cm) Small (~7-10g) Small-Medium 2"
Small 3-4" (~8-10cm) Medium (~13-15g) Small-Medium 4"
Medium 4-5" (~10-13cm) Large (~20-23g) Medium 4"
Large 5-6" (~13-15cm) X-Large (~25-27g) Large 6"
Extra Large 6"+ (~15cm+) X-Large (~25-27g) Large 8"

*Note: The feathers included in our Smudge Bundles come from a variety of birds and are chosen at random based on the size of the bundle. All our feathers are 100% natural, have been ethically sourced, and steam cleaned (no chemicals or dyes).