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T-Shirt - Children Are Our Sacred Bundle


Every year, Residential School survivors are honoured on Orange Shirt Day, September 30th. Proceeds from the sale of these shirts will be donated to Children are our Sacred Bundle conferences whose goal is to help foster grassroots projects to improve the situation for Indigenous children. These shirts are available in unisex crewneck style (men/boys' style) or a form fitting women/girls scoop neck style. Once again, these shirts relect the art of Kalum Teke Dan.

Kalum Teke Dan is a Blackfoot artist from Calgary who originates from the Blood Tribe in Southern Alberta. He was first inspired to create art by his grandparents, who were known internationally for their bead work and traditional regalia.

Mostly self-taught and working in both oil and watercolour, Kalum has become known for his strong portraiture and his stunning wildlife depictions. His portraits are based on real life people--those who portray the strength and the pride of the People as a whole. He captures the spirit of the animals he paints on canvas.

His work is in the personal collection of several Canadian Premiers, international leaders and many of Canada’s leading corporations. His work can be found in galleries across Canada and the United States. Kalum has also been commissioned to paint several murals of significant size by organizations in both Calgary and Edmonton.