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Sketchbook - Sun Catcher

If you need more sketchbooks than what is currently available online, please call us with your request at 613-256-9229.

This 4 x 5.5" perfect-bound sketchbook contains 60 (70 lb. paper) pages. It features the artwork of Mi'gmaq artist Tracey Metallic.

Here is a quote from the artist, describing her creation -

"In the moment I don't always realize the impact my paintings will have on me. The memories they will breathe to life, the emotional toll they may take, or the impact they will create around my work.

What I do know is that before Sun Catcher, I believed my life was over. The universe, it seemed, had thrown everything at me and like so many of my sisters before me, I was ready to let the earth take me... to devour my soul.

I'm not sure what my awakening was, but it can only be described as a revelation. There came a point in my life where I realized that everything I was going through, everything I had been through and my life experiences up until this point had all prepared me for this moment.

That life, despite all it had caused me to suffer and sacrifice, was actually giving me valuable lessons. Lessons that were priming me for my inner greatness that was only realized after the veil of darkness was lifted from my spirit. The revelation.

I wake up each morning with these lessons I call gifts. I wrap those gifts around myself and imagine reaching out to the beautiful sun in an effort to catch its strength, its beauty and its purpose to rise each day, and to draw all that back into my spirit. To catch all the good, to feel the deep love I now have for myself and to embrace the opportunities that may have passed by had my eyes not been opened.

I am so thankful for the path my life has taken that I can only look to the Stars each night as I whisper to them a prayer for the morning sun. I know now that there is nothing in life YOU cannot overcome. Our strength is not in who we once were, but in who we are destined to become. We are Sun Catchers!""