Please feel free to take and share a copy of this graphic. We do not need to be credited. It is FREE. You can grab a copy of the jpg by double-clicking on it to get to the largest version, then right-click on that and select "save image". OR if you would like us to send you a copy of the VECTOR ART (i.e. vector art is high quality line art that you can enlarge to billboard size or bigger) please add your selection to your cart (it's still free) doing so will trigger us to email the file to you.

The difference between the two vector files:

1. The ORANGE vector file is just a straight vector file in orange. (It contains two plates [magenta and yellow] that could be converted to a spot colour).

2. The INVERTED vector file appears black on white. This is a single plate file that should be suitable for printing on a background with a solid colour, such as the printing of white on an orange shirt.

Let us know if you have any issues with these. We'd like to be able to offer the best versions possible for folks to share.

About the artwork:

The hand in the middle was a royalty free photo that I turned into vector clip art. Same with the Eagle feathers. The background flag belongs to everyone in Canada whose eyes need to be opened by this message. Canada was founded on the blood of the Indigenous People! The words on the flag now have added meaning too as the search intensifies for the estimated 3-7 thousand of which are still unaccounted for.

Chi miigwetch for everything you do to bring the children home!!! 🧡🧡🧡
~ Golden Feather