Colouring Book - Onagottay Heart & Wisdom


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Each colouring book features:

 Artwork from two Indigenous artists from a First Nation
 Teachings and stories from an Indigenous Elder

This is more than just a colouring book. 

This book is based on the Ojibway/Anishinaabe teachings and artwork by Ojibway elder Onagottay, whose name is also Morris Blanchard. In this book, the stories are also translated into Anishinaabe. Book is 8.5 x 11", perfect-bound.

Onagottay is from Lake of the Woods, Ontario and grew up learning the language and culture of his people. He has Ojibway, Blackfoot and Navajo ancestry, and is a member of the Eagle Clan and the Midewin Lodge.

Onagottay looks out into the bush, away from the lights in the city. He is a Medicine Man, Knowledge Keeper and carries many teachings and ceremonies, including the Shake Tent and Sweat Lodge teachings. Members of the community often call upon him for guidance, prayers and traditional healing.

Onagottay is a self-taught artist, who spent his early career painting and sketching with renowned artist Norval Morrisseau in Thunder Bay, who encouraged him to find his own unique style. His talents include drawing, painting and carving; he also makes birchbark canoes, cedar baskets, moccasins, mukluks and jewelry. His paintings are filled with teachings spiritually given in dreams to him by the Creator; in keeping with Indigenous protocol, Onagottay fasts to receive visions for his paintings and conducts a ceremony before beginning and completing each painting.