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Book - Learning From a Kindergarten Dropout (HARDCOPY)

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Hardcopy, full colour version of the acclaimed Learning from a Kindergarten Dropout book about Indigenous Algonquin Elder William Commanda, written by Romola Vasantha Thumbadoo. This book contributed to the academic research for the creation of the William Commanda PhD thesis and post doctoral study (PhD and Post Doctoral Research Fellow

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Learning from a kindergarten dropout, a 192 page full-colour photo journal, offers a fascinating glimpse into the passions of one of Canada’s well known and dearly loved personalities, Grandfather William Commanda; far from disparaging education, it actually describes the teachings of the late Anishinabe elder, Carrier of Three Sacred Wampum Belts, highlighting insights that have already proved inspirational to countless peoples across Canada and beyond, and illustrating its underlying theme: the relevance of Indigenous wisdom to these times of prophecy. The book contributed to his recognition by two leading educational institutions, with an Honorary Doctorate Degree from the University of Ottawa, and doctorate honorifique from l’université du Québec-Outaouais. It also served as a catalyst for his appointment as Officer of the Order of Canada, and selection as the 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient of the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation. A comprehensive and provocative book, it provides a mini-history on William Commanda and his peoples and an overview of many key Indigenous concepts pertaining to the medicine wheel, law of nature, Aboriginal justice, child raising, forgiveness and healing. It shares stories about special people whose paths intersected with his.  It includes many graphic and easily adapted teaching and training tools and is a rich resource for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal readers, teachers and students. Inspiring hope and pride, the book illustrates deep respect for Mother Earth, promoting environmental stewardship, racial harmony and peace building in a way that makes his prayer, Ginawaydaganuc – We are All Related come to life at multiple levels.

Proceeds from the book are dedicated to animate A Circle of All Nations: the global eco-community unified by Grandfather William Commanda’s fundamental and unshakable conviction that as children of Mother Earth, we all belong together, irrespective of our individual colour, creed or culture. It’s a great gift idea for conferences!

William Commanda's Cultural Sharings and Reflections - Book 1 by author Romola Vasantha Thumbadoo. 


ISBN# 0-9738693-0-5